Filmmaker And Comic Book Legend Join Forces In The New Kickstarter For GHOST SOURCE ZERO!

Comic book artist and icon Larry Hama and independent filmmaker Mark Cheng are arming up for something big!

Acclaimed visual effects artist, multifaceted independent filmmaker and Planet Nerd Rage Productions founder Mark Cheng is hitting the ground running this month with a brand new kickstarter launched to help conceive his latest labor of love, an epic science fiction cyberpunk found-footage-stylized film titled Ghost Source Zero. Designed as an original feature length episodic movie, the story is centered on an elite anti-cyber crimes unit as they chronicle their mission to stave off a brewing android revolution that could threaten mankind's existence.

Sounds fun right? Well, just ask famed comic book creator Larry Hama, best known for all the things fanboys have grown to know and love about comic books and pop culture, with such titles as G.I. Joe, X-Men and much more. As it stands, he is fully backing the project, and now, a year and a half later with Cheng's credibility further notarized by a legendary mainstay in comic book and entertainment culture, the new kickstarter continues its viral momentum, and of course, there is never such a thing as "too much support". So, by all means, head over to the official Kickstarter page for Ghost Source Zero to learn more about this project. And if you like what you see and wish to see this film through its fullest potential, feel free to open your wallets and donate in exchange for some awesome perks!

However, if you have some time on your hands and want some cinematic validity to appetize you before deciding you want to donate, check out Cheng's 2011 G.I. Joe-inspired fan film, Operation: Red Retrieval.

It sure got Hama's attention...just sayin'!


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