Alex Chung's WEREWOLF ASSASSIN Goes Hunting Later This Year

Independent filmmaker and Eclipse Stunts team member Alex Chung recently launched a Facebook page to promote his newest upcoming film, Werewolf Assassin. Starring Kyle Stewart, Jermaine Carty and Celine Lolos, the new project is best described Chung's own tribute to Grindhouse-style action horror, featuring its own fair share of over-the-top violence, cheesy one-liners, and lots of gore.

The idea for the project originally began as an idea for a test fight clip, which evidently revealed its potential to Chung for something greater to expand on. Chung, who last appeared in Fernando Huerto's comedic action short last year titled Do The Damn Thing: In Canada, explained his inspiration to Film Combat Syndicate in a recent conversation this week. "I've always wanted to do a Grindhouse-type film. I spent one evening binge-watching a bunch of trailers for various exploitation films (mostly horror) and I was inspired to shoot something finally.", he says. "With other projects on the horizon like future Eclipse projects and shorts for festivals I had been writing on and off, I wanted to do something small and fun. It would keep me in practice and better prepare me for upcoming projects. It was around Halloween so I was definitely in the mood do something like this. I had the intention of shooting it like a 24 hour challenge. We had a great brainstorming session and that's where it became evident that this would need more than just 24 hours. I loved the ideas so much that I was willing to expand the shooting schedule and budget to fully realize all our ideas.".

It will be a while before Werewolf Assassin makes its way to indie film fans everywhere as Chung and the crew still have some major filming to do, in addition to pick-up shots and all other things that encompass the time-consuming task of post-production editing prior to the release of a full trailer sometime this Spring. And Chung humbly believes the wait will be worth it for anyone with a taste for an oblique blend of Eclipse's signature stunt work with a genre that borders on something much more exploitative in nature. "Fans of Eclipse and the action/stunt work I usually do will find something different here." he says. "We're not trying to make great action scenes, but rather silly ones that I hope people will get a laugh out of. The fun factor was the main driving force in making this so the one thing I'd hope is people just have fun with the movie as it shouldn't be taken seriously. So, expect loads of violence and a sense of fun.".

Chung and the folks over at Eclipse Stunts are keeping busy as the year begins, currently filming more material with Los Angeles filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos, in addition to preparing a teaser for this year's holiday-themed action short, Jingle Bell Rocked. Their latest collaborative efforts with Gak Attack in another Grindhouse-style project, Death Fuck 2D is expected to arrive next month, prior to working on a second Hong Kong fight classic retrospect following last year's Dragons Forever final fight redux, and other conceptual fight projects to come.

In the meantime, watch the first teaser for Werewolf Assassin and subscribe to the channel in the embed below. And by all means, follow the film's progress on Facebook as well.

Appearing only during full moons, the Werewolf Assassin hunts and mutilates its targets, leaving a trail of blood and body parts that catches the attention of both the government and a mad scientist who's building an army of cyber-zombies.


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