THE HUNTRESSES Are Back With A New Trailer And Posters

A new slate of posters and a trailer have gone viral this month for Wellmade STARM's upcoming Joseon Period fantasy femme fatale action comedy, The Huntresses. Following a production that lasted from August to December of 2012, the film was originally promised a theatrical South Korean release earlier this summer with teasers, stills and trailers aired online, and a slew of colorful character posters promoting the film before post-production issues interfered. Fortunately the film now has a Korean theatrical release set for this January, in addition to some new promotional poster art to get things rolling, which you can check out below.

The Huntresses stars Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, Son Ga In, Joo Sang Wook and Ko Chang Seok and is directed by Park Je Hyun.

As a child, Jin-ok witnessed the murder of her father and narrowly escaped death. She is taken under the wing of Mu-myeong, the man who saved her life, and trains in martial arts alongside two other girls. 10 years pass and the girls are now Joseon's best bounty hunters. One day, Jin-ok is asked to take on a case for a handsome reward. Against their master's wishes, the trio takes on the job, not knowing it will eventually lead them to the man responsible for the death of Jin-ok's father 10 years before.


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