"Take Off Your Shoes!!!" And Watch ENTER THE DOJO 2!

The folks over at Fideo Films and Jusmedia in Australia are back at it with the latest public release of the new shortfilm follow-up, Enter The Dojo 2. Not to be confused with actor Matt Page's similarly named comedic webseries, this one is the second in an on-going short miniseries from producer and actress Maria Tran, and writer and director Adrian Castro, the same duo that brought you shortfilm hits such as, Hit Girls and Gaffa.

Featuring fight choreography by Trung Ly, Enter The Dojo originally started off as a titular "test shoot" that unveiled online roughly a year and a half ago with a story filled with amazing physical kung fu comedy and over-the-top gags, featuring Tran as a master martial arts sensei forced to discipline bumbling thugs that cross her path. Both shorts are available for viewing, with part two in the embed below, also starring actors Ian Tran, Joe Le and Craig Anderson.

Tran will soon appear in the forthcoming release of Antony Szeto's new action thriller, Fist Of The Dragon, with Josh Thomsom, Juju Chan, Xin Wuku and Daniel Whyte.

Feel free to subscribe to the channel below while you are at it, and stay tuned for more information.


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