New Director's Cut Trailer + Short Promo For POLICE STORY 2013

Director Ding Sheng premieres his latest film, Police Story 2013 in theaters across Asia today, and Sheng has put out two of his own edited trailers, the second of which you can now view below, along with a short promotional clip. The hype around this movie is pretty intense as we go into 2014 with the hopes of seeing its venerable lead actor and action director, Jackie Chan in future films sooner rather than later. And the fresher look he has given to the Police Story franchise with his latest role shows the level of creativity and artistry that Chan and his crew are capable of.

I can't wait to bring some positive overseas distribution news to you guys soon. That's my Christmas wish here.

If you live anywhere in Asia where the film is playing and you plan on seeing it, feel free to post your review in the comment section below, or on Facebook.


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