KUNG FURY Needs Your Help To Kick Ass And Blow S**t Up!

Extra cheese please!

If you are into mullets, DeLoreans, headbands, powergloves, skateboards, synthesizer music, viking babes with machine guns and towering giants, shoulderpads, visually cheesy and epic, over-the-top violence, then you are in for the wildest dinosaur ride of your life! As of today, there are only 29 days left for actor, writer and director David Sandberg's kickstarter for his brand new 30-minute comedic action thriller, Kung Fury, starring Sandberg as a rogue cop who goes on a desperate mission to put an end to Adolf Hitler's reign of kung fu terror, only to be thrown too far back in time and no choice but to find a way to complete his mission...with a little extra help.

Laser Unicorn, the geniuses behind this radical 1980's exploitation martial arts cyberpunk action cinema spoof on fantasy karate cop movies, have already completed most of the film, and are asking to the tune of $200,000 to satisfy the intended means of its post-production so that it can fulfill donors' perks, as well as release the film online next year...for FREE! And to accompany your interest here, Sandberg has a trailer for you to enjoy.

Visit the official Kickstarter page for Kung Fury for more info on the project and to learn how you can benefit from this retrocheesy load of kickass awesomeness.


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