Jordan Cann Battles The Supernatural In The Crowdfunder For VAMPIRES RAGE

Halloween may be well over for another year but that hasn't stopped 17-year veteran dancer and martial arts practioner, actor and independent filmmaker Jordan Cann from putting his best foot forward in crowdfunding his brand new action horror feature film, Vampires Rage.

Based on proud inspiration driven from the likes of Wesley Snipes's commanding lead performance in the Blade trilogy, Cann looks to take the genre in a slightly different, faith-based direction, with an urbanized story centered around a failing dancer whose life takes a remarkable turn after a fateful crossing of paths with a Vampire who turns him, forcing him to choose between the life that he wants, and the life he may have been meant for. A self-proclaimed action junkie in his own right, Cann hopes to work with some of the biggest names in action cinema someday, which include none other than Snipes, and even Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White, Jet Li and Scott Adkins. And with three years behind the lens founding his efforts to finance his latest labor of love through Kickstarter, he seems willing to prove that he has the creativity, physicality and vision it takes to do so.

The official Kickstarter page for Vampires Rage is loaded with details about the film, donation info and their respective perks, and videos, including a trailer which you can view below. Cann is very passionate and ambitious about this project considering that it is his first-ever feature-length film. And from the looks of his current goal, with enough people and interest, you can help get Cann's newest project up-and-running with plenty of time to spare, share his campaign and make it go viral.

Watch the trailer below and visit the official Vampires Rage Kickstarter page to volunteer your donation today. You can also follow the film's progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with links in description.


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