Check Out The Director's Cut Fifth Trailer For POLICE STORY 2013

A fifth and possible final trailer arrived for the upcoming release of action star Jackie Chan's Police Story 2013. Directed by Ding Sheng, the film promises to bring a new, darker aesthetic to the classic, more colorful titular film series that earned Chan his fame as a leading figure in Hong Kong action cinema back in the 1980's.
Considering new press as of late, it's very pleasing to hear that Chan still has the drive to direct quality action while he settles back from performing the usual bigger, signature feats of stuntwork that have garnered his career with as much praise as it has with the numerous injuries he has suffered-some even being life-threatening. Going into 2014, I look forwarded to seeing what else this amazing man is capable of in the weeks and months ahead. With Skiptrace and DragonBlade coming thereafter, and the possibility of starring in Karate Kid 2 and a fourth Armour Of God serving with a CZ12 sequel, clearly Chan isn't done impressing the hell out of you. So I think it's safe to consider Police Story 2013 the mark of a new beginning, any way you slice it.

Police Story 2013 also stars Liu YeHuang BoJing TianZhang Lanxin, Wang ZhifeiZhang Xiaoning and Guli Nazha, and opens across theaters in Asia on December 24, 2013 in 2D/3D and IMAX. Check out the trailer below, in addition to the official music video for the film's title song, "Zheng Jiu"《拯救》(a.k.a. Rescue).

Police Story 2013″ follows Jackie Chan’s legendary series “Police Story” and this sixth installment, the film tells the story of one night, at a downtown district bar, all guests were taken hostage. Among them are Interpol, Zhong Wen and daughter Miao Miao. The criminal looks familiar; it is bar owner Wu Jiang whose demand in this hostage situation is the release of a criminal who has been in police custody for a long time. Are things as simple as it looks? What is his true motivation for this desperate action?


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