CALL ME KING Goes Live With A Brand New Website

While writer, producer action choreographer and director R.L. Scott prepares next year's production of The Smuggler, the official website for his newest thriller, Call Me King is now live where action fans can learn more about the upcoming movie and sign up for further updates via mailing list. A production of Shadow Motion Pictures, Dark Energy Pictures and Fisherthought Productions, Call Me King is Scott's riveting new gritty action crime drama which centers its intricate story around two brothers who vow to utilize their rise to power in America's intricate criminal underworld to retake their home in Haiti without getting caught in the crossfire.
Actor and executive producer Amin Joseph stars also served as executive producer, along with actor Maurice Whitfield, Shaun Mixon, Jonathan "Lil J" McDaniel and Chris Mulkey. Actress Monyque Thompson Scott also stars along with co-producers/actresses and actor Bai Ling, Gabrielle Dennis and Sean Riggs, and actors Lester Speight, Robert Miano and Del Zamora.

Check out the official red band trailer at the bottom of the page, and visit the official website to get the latest official info on the film.

"Call Me King" is the story of two young heirs, RHYIS (Amin Joseph) and KHALIL (Maurice Whitfield) members of an ousted Haitian dictatorship who immigrate to the United States. Now as adults, the brothers are seeking to right the wrongs perpetrated by their father KNIGHT (Shawn Mixon) by assembling their own four-member crew of gun runners, “THE STRAP SET.” 
The team is led by the eldest brother Rhyis. His goal is to earn enough capital and power in America to return to Haiti and reclaim his birth rite. Khalil, the younger brother, handles the lion’s share of sales and distribution to foreign buyers. GRIMM (Sean A. Riggs) handles heavy artillery and deals with local distributors and ZHO (Johnathan McDaniel) is a lethal sharp shooter. 
Rhyis answers to only one man... ANGELO COSTA (Chris Mulkey) head of the Italian syndicate. Angelo utilizes "The Strap Set" as his key enforcers. When the rules of the underworld are broken, these four men inflict punishment to the letter. Heavily armed with automatic weapons, lethal fighting skills, and the strategies of war... "The Strap Set" are locked, loaded, and intent on returning victorious to the docks of Port-a-Prince Haiti.


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