A Heroine Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice In The New Shortfilm, CROFT

Filmmaker Trevor Addie has aired his latest fan film, Croft, on his official YouTube channel. I shared the trailer for this spectacular shortfilm a week ago under a different impression, and I have to say, this little gem took me by surprise as I watched it through to the end, which says a lot about the kind of vision Addie could bring if he chose to build from this particular concept into a serial or a feature format.

Any rate however, bravo to Addie and the cast and crew for a job well done. I'm sure you will all enjoy this thrilling new award-winning film festival favorite as the viewers already are.

Croft stars actress and stuntwoman Cassandra Ebner, and actor and stuntman Nickolas Baric, with Liam Carter, Devyn Dalton, Shaw Madson and Brad Friesen rounding out the cast. The shortfilm is also written by Irma Leong produced by Stirling Bancroft and Elad Tzadok.

If you missed the trailer, watch it in the embed below and CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FILM.


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