Watch Shoko Nakagawa And Her Enchanted Bear Kill Zombies In The New Full Trailer For NUIGULUMAR Z: GOTHIC LOLITA BATTLE BEAR

After unveiling a teaser back in August and hitting the film festival circuit in Stockholm this month, cult filmmaking favorite Noboru Iguchi is back with the full trailer for the sexy tokusatsu action adventure flick, Nuiguluar Z: Gothic Lolita Battle Bear. Based on a novel and song concept by author and Kinniku Shouju Tai frontman Kenji Ohtsuji, the film stars actress, idol and otaku personality Shoko Nakagawa as the newest superheroine to defend mankind against a zombie apocalypse. The film also stars martial artist and actress Rina Takeda who also suit-doubled for Nagakawa for the spectacular fight scenes, in addition to playing one of the villains.

Hiroshi Neko, Mao Ichimichi and Koto Takagi round out the cast of the film which is set for a January 25, 2014 Japan release.

Gothic lolita fashion enthusiast Yumeko Ayukawa, nicknamed Dameko, possesses the ability to merge with her talking pink teddy bear Buusuke to form Nuigulumar, a sexy leather-clad superheroine. Using her furry nunchucks, she must battle evil villain Takeshi, his psychic subordinate Kill Billy and a horde of 109 zombies, the highest number of the undead ever seen in a Japanese film. 
Based on the works (both a novel and a song) of Kenji Ohtsuki, a popular musician in the Japanese subculture known as “otaku”, »Nuigulumar Z« revels in director Iguchi’s brand of twisted B-movie hysteria. Although it may not include his usual penchant for toilet humor, homicidal sushi and robotic geishas, the film doesn’t skimp on his trademark gore, this time incorporating copious special effects in a particular homage to Japanese “tokusatsu” (special effect) films and TV series.


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