Tony Jaa Introduces The People Behind SPL 2!

From L to R: Ken Lo, Jackie Wu Jing, Terence Cheung, Tony Jaa, Wilson Yip and Dion Lam
Following Friday's reports that international action star Tony Jaa officially signed on to star in director Terence Cheung's upcoming sequlized follow-up in SPL 2, Jaa took to Facebook to share the names and faces of those that will be involved with the production, along with Wilson Yip who will be producing, actor Dion Lam who will direct the action and actors Jackie Wu Jing and Ken Lo. The buzz is still early so we may expect to learn more about what is to come from this newest partnership, but in all certainty, Jaa's addition to the film will surely expand the size and scope of the original story with tons of potential.

The script will be penned by Jill Leung with legendary actor Sammo Hung expected to return to reprise his role from the previous 2005 film directed by Yip with lead actor Donnie Yen. Jaa returns to Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday to complete filming on The Fast And Furious 7. Click HERE for the initial press release.

Special thanks to Mike Selby for the photo above.


  1. even though this is a good news.
    I still don't think it might be all that. (without Donnie Yen)

    I mean SPL 1 was good but not as amazing as Flashpoint.
    Nice to see Ken Lo and Terrance Chueg.
    Terrance was in Invisible Target right?

    hope this turns out good. It would be nice to have a Flashpoint, SPL and Special ID kind of feeling for a Tony Jaa movie.


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