Tony Jaa And The Rock Share A Photo-Op On The Set Of FAST 7

One of the biggest main elements expected to mark the release of director James Wan's induction into Universal Pictures's highly successful Fast And Furious franchise is the level of hand-to-hand fight performance being coordinated for the upcoming release of The Fast And Furious 7. Some of the viral media featuring Jason StathamVin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez training with international action star Tony Jaa and UFC defending champion and newcomer actress Ronda Rousey has lended some pretty high expectations, in the action department, which guarantees the particular cast expansion seen here in the next film next film will include a little something for everyone, and hopefully, as Diesel himself puts it, " a very cool way.".

That said, the latest on-set teaser photos with Jaa and action powerhouse Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson through social media on Saturday should heighten up the intensity a little more, considering the relative response to the previous trilogy from former franchise director Justin Lin. Rest assured, Fast 1 director Rob Cohen did a great job in paving a clear path to victory for this franchise as it adds more films to its saga and sticks to its current formula for success, a formula which has now inspired a new racing film franchise in Dreamworks's upcoming Need For Speed movie, in addition to Columbia Pictures's pending screenplay from writer Alex Tse for Gran Turismo.

We'll eventually see how those pan out. For now though, it's full speed ahead as Fast 7 continues filming and wraps for its July 11, 2014 release.

Special thanks to Marcus Rivera for the nod!


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