SPL 2 Offers A Tease At The Synopsis

Pictures are still pouring in from the celebratory dinner shared by director Pou Soi Cheang (a.k.a. Terence Cheung) and those involved in the currently developing, tentatively titled action thriller sequel, SPL 2: The Rise Of Wong Po. Wilson Yip is set to produce from a screenplay by Jill Leung and Huang Ying with action choreography by Dion Lam whose previous work ranges from Hong Kong to Hollywood with titles like Black Mask, The Storm Riders, The Matrix Trilogy, Doom and Spider-Man 2.

While it is also known that action stars Wu Jing and Tony Jaa will be starring in the film, not much is yet known of actor Ken Lo's involvement since seeing him in earlier images. So things are still early at the moment, but the folks at Filmbiz.Asia learned a little more about the film's synopsis submitted to government censorship board SARFT, who greenlit the film for production in late summer.

According to Kevin Ma, the synopsis of the film focuses on "a Thai prison guard who needs to free an undercover cop who can save his daughter's life.". While Jaa is the only confirmed Thai actor for the cast listing, there's no official word yet on if he will be the one playing the guard. Further casting is also in the air, with previous named mentioned such as Francis Ng (Pay Back), Andy On (Special ID) and Sammo Hung who starred in the 2005 predecessor under Yip's direction. Action star Donnie Yen's name was also thrown into the topic, although it is only rumored his character would be just a cameo appearance considering how the first film ended.

Lots of names, lots of potential, and lots of time lie in between now and the official shooting date set for January 2014 in Thailand, Hong Kong and China. So stick around and keep your eyes peeled.

Hung and On are also expected to star in the January 8, 2014 release of Once Upon A Time In Shanghai, while Wu's latest directorial/starring venture in Wolf War is in post production. Jaa will make his Hollywood debut in Universal Pictures's The Fast And The Furious 7 set for July 11, 2014.

Photo: Mingpao


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