Gouken And Gouki Get Ready To Spar In A New Set Photo From STREET FIGHTER: ASSASSIN'S FIST

From now through 2014, martial arts cinema and Street Fighter fans will continue to be teased with a series of set photos and stills of the forthcoming multi-platform chapterized movie, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. One of those photos includes Thanksgiving Day's newly unveiled look at actress Hyunri as Sayaka, and actors Togo Igawa as Master Gôtetsu, and actors Shogen Itokazu and Gaku Space portraying younger versions of characters Gôuken and Gôuki.

Based on the highly successful tournament fighting videogame franchise from Capcom, the new film from co-star, co-writer and creator and director Joey Ansah is expected to tell the epic origin story of characters Ryu and Ken (played by Mike Moh and film co-writer and creator Christian Howard), as they are faced with confronting the dark legacy of the Asatsuken (the Assasin's Fist), the deadly style in which they have trained their entire lives under the teachings of aged Master Gôuken (played by Akira Koieyama). The film has since received acquistion for worldwide online distribution for digital series release with a date currently pending.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist also stars Mark Kileen and Hal Yamanouchi, and is produced by Jacqueline Quella, in association The film is produced by Jacqueline Quella in association with Assassin's Fist Limited, Lonely Rock Productions, Gloucester Place Films, Evropa Film and Capcom USA.


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