Gary Daniels Wages War On The Underworld In The New Teaser For MISFIRE

Co-writer, producer and director R. Ellis Frazier went viral a few months ago with a new teaser for his upcoming international action thriller, Misfire. The film sees action powerhouse Gary Daniels taking on Mexico's criminal underworld in search of his ex-wife while facing his own demons in the process.

The teaser illustrates some very surreal slow-motion shots featuring Daniels dodging a hail of bullets and explosions, and a dark tone accentuated by very loud grunge metal with no dialogue, offering a fresh look into a new Gary Daniels action vehicle that is sure to please action fans upon its 2014 release next to Daniels' next film from Ara Paiaya, Skin Traffik.

Misfire has since been acquired worldwide at this year's AFM, so we will learn more in the months ahead. The film also stars Vanessa Vasquez, Michael Greco, Luis Gatica, Geoffrey Ross, Patricia Peinado Cruz, Justin Nesbitt, Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein and Fabian Lopez.

Johnny wakes from a drunken stupor in an upper-class neighborhood in Tijuana, his European journalist wife, Sarah, mysteriously missing. Pegged for the crime by the local police, Johnny takes a chance and calls his brother Cole (Gary Daniels) in Juarez, Mexico, for help. 
Cole is not only a tough DEA agent, he is Sarah’s ex-husband. He’s also fresh out of a bloody, botched operation which got him suspended from active duty. 
Still haunted by his failed marriage to Sarah, and always distrustful of his brother Johnny, Cole defies his superiors and makes his way to the scene of the kidnapping. Approached by Gracie, a female photojournalist and colleague of Sarah’s, Cole gets his first lead on Sarah’s whereabouts.  
He finds that Sarah had been investigating Raul Montenegro, a charismatic, popular Mexican businessman with aspirations for public office. Sarah has uncovered proof that Montenegro, in reality, has made has his fortunes as the middle-man between the South American drug producers and the Mexico's deadly border cartels. 
The hardened DEA man now-gone-rogue barrels into the seedy underworld of the city. Hiring two private military to “contractors” to help him rescue Sarah, and against Gracie’s better advice to use more finesse, the men stumble into a violent gunfight barely escaping with their lives. 
Johnny is found dead in his jail cell after the botched raid and soon informants turn-up dead as well. Cole turns from hunted to hunter as he moves closer to Sarah. But time is running out. 
In a desperate and brazen move, and defying the orders of his handlers, Cole takes on Montenegro’s lead enforcer to get Sarah back. But will his gamble pay off? 
Full of gritty action and taut suspense, “Misfire” is a showcase for former kick-boxing champion Gary Daniels (The Expendables), whose unparalleled fight skills are on full display. Produced on location in Tijuana, “Misfire” is a sure-fire hit for worldwide audiences hungry for an action-packed roller coaster ride.

Misfire teaser from r. ellis frazier on Vimeo.


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