Cage Fighting, Nakedness And More In The New NSFW Trailer For RED X PINK!

Director Koichi Sakamoto is a WAY different man of film nowadays. I mean, I'm astonished! The man has sure come a long way from his days with Alpha Stunts while working on Power Rangers and Mark Dacascos action vehicle Drive. And if his latest work is proof of nothing else (i.e. Travelers, Innocent Lillies), it concludes that the veteran stuntman and stunt coordinator has come into his own, with sexy, gorgeous women front-and-center and in on the action... and not just the usual...well...action.

Basically, if you're at work, you shouldn't look at this. Rather, take a minute, grab your smartphone and act like you just got an emergency call that needed to be taken privately, and then watch actresses Yukia Haga, Rina Koike, Asami Tada and Ayame Misaki in the newest NSFW trailer for Sakamoto's latest risque sexy action fight flick, Red X Pink, based on prize-winning author Kazuki Sakuraba's 2003 publication surrounding four women who partake in cage fighting.

February 22, 2014 is opening day, and like I said....NSFW. You've been warned.


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