A Trifecta Of Betrayal, Violence And Murder Await A Crime Lord's Demise In The New Action Short, VENDETTA

The gang over at UK-based martial arts independent filmmaking and choreography troupe, SG Action have unveiled their newest shortfilm in the form of gritty action piece, Vendetta. Written and directed by the team's own, lead actor and performer Martin Wan, Vendetta is another in a slate of online gems tailor-made and suited for the worldwide online martial arts action cinema fanbase, and anyone with an eye for quality action and cinematic potential looking to hire this awesome team for larger projects.

Vendetta also stars Chris Jones with actress Freya Thomas. Wan is also set to appear in this week's forthcoming shortfilm crowdfunder fight pitch for Brandon Kahn's inspired new series, The Streets Of Myth, and will also be starring opposite brother Simon Wan in the Supermassive co-production of Dog, from director Robin Schmidt in the coming months.

A lonely crime lord contemplates his life of villainy, corruption and violence. His empire crumbled, he awaits his fate at the hands of an unknown assassin. He has nothing left in the material world, even his unloved wife leaves him with a sense of regret and venom.  
With nothing left to do but face his would be killer, he sits on his throne and awaits his fate.


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