A Lawless City Meets A New Breed Of Hero In BIKE COP!

Independent filmmaker Julian Wilkins launched his new webseries this week titled Bike Cop. Formerly titled Bike Cop: Begins, development on the project has been on-going for a couple of years now and underwent a few changes before initially crowdfunded for the purpose of an ambitious new independent action film from Canada-based Red Eye Studios.

The first episode is now available online to give you a small taste of what's to come. As far as indie film goes, Wilkins wasn't afraid to have a little fun and push the envelope every now and then with some of the violence and zany comedy. Awkward humor, noir-ish interludes, some satire, over-the-top character delivery, excessive blood splatter and fake accents, accompanied by the usual screenfighting action talent from the amazing folks of Canadian martial arts cinema stunt troupe, Eclipse Stunts, are what you get from Wilkins' new product. And you can expect new 10-minute episodes to air on the official YouTube channel every Tuesday at 8:30pm EST.

For a glimpse of what lies ahead, watch the original theatrical trailer below the synopsis, and CLICK HERE FOR THE FIRST EPISODE.

In a city rife with drug gangs and crooked bureaucracy, Special Agent Fox Carlyle is given charge to the most elite law enforcement task force: The Alpha Team. When their high profile mission goes horribly wrong, a mysterious entity saves her from certain death. The City's corruption stretches deep into the heart of parliament, shadowing the truth in a blanket of lies. Who can she trust? Is her savior the enemy, or her only chance for survival? Dirty officials, menacing villans, and do-good cops all search for the answer to the same question: WHAT IS THE BIKE COP?


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