The Bullets Fly And Bodies Fall In The New Trailer For THE CONSTABLE

Thursday saw a new poster and trailer for writer and director Dennis Law's new action cop thriller, The Constable. Lead actor Simon Yam stars as the lead in the new hard-hitting feature length action flick as a cop who goes above and beyond the call of duty despite his pending retirement.

Also starring are Lam Suet, Maggie Siu,Sam LeeLo Hoi Pang, Ken LoNiu Meng Meng & Maggie Li, and opens domestically on its new release date, November 1, 2013. Yam is currently filming scenes with actor Donnie Yen in Iceman 3D Part 2, and is soon set to appear in the North American theatrical release of Man Of Tai Chi.

Check out the new trailer, courtesy of Filmsmash. Click HERE to view the first trailer from over the summer.

Lam Kwok Kuen, nearing retirement and raising a mentally challenged son by himself, is a police officer whose sole requirement on the job is oversee the department fleet. Despite this, he remains active in the front line of police service, putting his life on the line for the sake of others, his heroism bettering even the most seasoned professionals. He fights the bad guys, putting criminals behind bard, upholding the law at any cost, for as his adage proclaims, to live a day surmounts to pursuing justice relentlessly, whether life or death proceeds in its aftermath.


  1. the only reason why I'll watch this it's because it has Simon Yam.
    He's back in hi favourite hong kong street police:)

    hope this movie turns out great


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