LBP's Nate Hitpas Takes Center Stage With Tony Vittorioso

Independent action filmmaker Emmanuel Manzanares hosted a new fight practice this week with LBP Stunts Chicago member Nate Hitpas (left), and fellow screenfighter Tony Vittorioso (right) both who met each other back in 2009 while attending Sharkey's Karate in Naperville, Illinois. Hitpas and Vittorioso have been working on a few of these on their own time over the past month or so, but you can now view them on the official LBP YouTube channel in the first two embeds below, the second video being the newest.

As a bonus, Hitpas himself has been dabbling a bit in choreography himself, as recent as earlier this month with actor, tricking impressario, martial artist and fellow Sharkey's head instructor, Micah Karns. I spoke with Hitpas a while back about his interest in directing action. He tells Film Combat Syndicate "I'd always been interested in it, but I didn't wanna try it on my own until I had a better understanding of it.

You can check out Hitpas's latest work behind the camera at the very bottom, and for more awesome content, be sure to subscribe to the channels below if you have not done so yet.


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