Donnie Yen And Ken Lo Square Off In A New Clip From SPECIAL ID

We are only a few days away from the theatrical release of Donnie Yen's upcoming martial arts action cop thriller, Special ID, a film that we all should have seen by now were it not for some legal issues late last year. Fans are craving this movie everywhere there's a loyal audience for Yen, and the folks at Starlit know this. So accordingly, I guess they decided unveiling one more teaser clip (it looks like two spliced into one rather) with Yen and classic kicking legend Ken Lo wouldn't hurt...

...well, at least not as much as that last shot. Ouch!

Special ID opens this Friday! Have fun Asia!


  1. I'm a big fan of Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen, they are great martial art star.
    There is 3D animation fighting video between theme was made in 2013 by a big fan of them
    . If you want to see that clip you can go to this link:


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