One Woman Faces An Army Of Darkness In The New Inspired Digital Series, AVA SNOW BATTLES DEATH

Lending itself to the eclectic blend of quirky dialogue and awkward humor with intriguing science fiction, fantasy and action is the latest promotional footage for the inspired upcoming webseries, Ava Snow Battles Death. The series is the latest project from independent filmmaker Zack Drisko and actress Arielle Davidsohn were driven to create a romantic, whimsical, action-packed series about a knive-wielding badass chick forced to confront a mysterious evil when a demonic spirit possesses her boyfriend.

Based on the footage now available through their official website, the series shares familiar territory with feature cult hits like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which is something that Drisko and I both discovered having in common when speaking to each other on Wednesday. In our discussion, I also got to learn a little more about what inspired the universe surrounding the Ava Snow character, particularly on the subject on how an overactive imagination contributed to creating such a setting.

Drisko writes, "One day [Arielle and I] passed this place called Sideshow: Rare and Remarkable Books, Art and Curiosities. With a name like that, you start wondering to yourself, 'OK, it's a book store, but what about these 'curiosities?' Is there magic involved? Something out of The X-Files?" He then added "And sometimes it's not something unique at all. You see a guy stumbling down an alley with a vacant stare. He's probably just drunk, but then your mind starts to invent a more interesting explanation -- like he's a zombie or his soul has been stolen by overlords from a parallel dimension. That's what we're trying to do in our series, create fantastical backstories for the things you see every day. In this series we can make these kinds of ideas Ava's reality, which has been really fun to explore."

Drisko is planning a major kickstarter this October to help get the pilot off the ground for the series as he continues aiming for greater prospects. On that note, check out the press release and trailer below.
PRLog (Press Release) - Sep. 24, 2013 - LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Los Angeles, Calif. 9/24/13 – The Web series “Ava Snow Battles Death” is set to launch its Kickstarter fundraising campaign the evening of Saturday, Oct. 5. The series is a fantasy-horror-comedy about a knife-throwing heroine named Ava Snow and the overlords from another dimension who want to steal her soul. 
“We’re asking for five thousand, which is enough to make our pilot,” said Zack Drisko, one of the series creators, “but we’re hoping to achieve some of our stretch goals and make the entire five-episode series we have planned. We have a great story to tell that we’d love to share with people.” 
“Ava Snow Battles Death” was created by Drisko and Arielle Davidsohn. They premiered four sneak peek clips on YouTube and Vimeo last Friday, Sept. 20, which have been met by positive reactions. 
“We were really fortunate to have a great team,” Davidsohn said. “They were the ones who made our ideas possible.” 
The cast and crew includes people such as Daniel Scruggs, a VFX artist from “Game of Thrones,” Russ Glasgow, promo editor for “Tron: Legacy” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” Steve Rizzo, stuntman from “The Dark Knight Rises” and “No Country for Old Men,” Andrew Parkhurst, director of photography for Ridley Scott’s “Prophets of Science Fiction,” Robert C. Jackson, sound designer on “50/50” and “The Expendables,” Christopher Jenkins Holmes, who had a recurring role on “90210” and YouTube star Sam Proof. 
Davidsohn, who stars in the series as the title character Ava Snow, underwent extreme training to pull off the fight scenes. Davidsohn trained mixed martial arts with professional fighter Cassiano Laureano, who trained at Kings MMA and Werdum Combat Team, home to UFC fighters such as Anderson Silva, Fabricio Werdum, Wanderlei Silva, and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Davidsohn also trained knife-throwing with world champion Carl Geddes. 
“I was never athletic or coordinated, so learning how to fight Muay Thai and throw knives almost killed me,” Davidsohn said. “Even though I still have a long way to go until I’m pleased with my skills, I feel proud of how far I was able to come and look forward to honing my skills as the project continues.” 
More information on “Ava Snow Battles Death” is available on their Web site, and their uploads are on YouTube ( and Vimeo (
Ava Snow Battles Death trailer from Ava Snow Battles Death on Vimeo.


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