New York Actress CRYSTAL T. WILLIAMS Needs Your Help

I don't normally write about things non-related to movies on my blog. However, since the release of the first teaser for independent filmmaker, actor, martial artist and New Jersey native Franklin Correa's upcoming action suspense thriller, Mistaken, a situation has arisen to which I feel a responsibilty to engage in.

Today during a private Facebook chat, I briefly met actress and Mistaken co-star Crystal T. Williams, an aspiring actress since the age of thirteen, and has been involved in film since the age of eighteen. In June, she was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, a fatal disease which is said to be rarely detected, and often in its third stage when it is. A more precise description of it can be found HERE.

Since then, Ms. Williams has been fortunate to catch the disease at such an earlier stage and is taking pre-emptive measures to counteract her condition until she can take a bold, unique approach that she believes will grant her a healthier, more natutal, hollistic treatment process until she is cured. And that process will only be met at the Intergrative Cancer Therapy Center, a special facility in Mexico. However, as with all things medicinal, it comes at quite the hefty price of $30,000, so Ms. Williams is currently busy raising as much money as she can.

As it stands, Correa himself will be doing his part leading up to the debut of his next film, including seeking fundraising efforts from friends and family in the martial arts community, and local newspaper outlets, in addition to a red carpet premiere with 50% of the proceeds going to Ms. Williams's treatment. In the meantime, for more information on Ms. Williams's condition ans how to make a generous donation, visit her official GoFundMe campaign page, and subscribe to the official Facebook page for Mistaken.

This particular article comes long after a time in my life where I lost a family member to a form of cancer. I was only as close to the situation as the talk of it among other family members, including my aunt, whose passing several years ago came at a surprise to us, and more devastingly so to my cousins. Life has since gone on with healing, but as so with the reminder that as long as there is time, there is still a hope that a cure will be imminent for those still suffering. And in that time, now, it is my personal hope that these fundraising efforts for Ms. Willams will be a success from here on out, as I look forward to hearing greater things of her acting career for the years ahead.

Share the fundraiser, donate if you can and help save a life.

CLICK HERE to view the first teaser for Mistaken if you have not seen it yet.


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