Emergency Kung Fu Is Just A Google Search Away In The New Shortfilm, FUTURE BOSS

The latest in a slate of exciting collaborations from The Stunt People, indie action star Eric Jacobus has unveiled a slick new short film teaming with German action film pair, brothers Lorenz and Felix Hideyoshi Ruwwe for the 80's style kung fu sci-fi short, Future Boss. The shortfilm is the latest Team Internet gathering which Lorenz directed on location in San Francisco from April 1, 2013 through April 5, immediately after completing his previous project, Rope-A-Dope, which is still allocating throughout the film festival circuit.

Future Boss takes off as car-thief Eric experiments with his own pair of Google Glasses in a failed attempt to break into a car. Just after he gives up and tosses them, he is forced to defend himself against Lorenz, who plays a terminator-style kung fu assassin from the future programmed to take out before he becomes president. Fortunately, as you will see, Eric's trusty Google Goggles come quite useful when he needs them, with appearances by Felix who plays Eric's pivotal carjacking expert and online kung fu tutor.

Future Boss displays high energy fight choreography between Eric and Lorenz, both longtime screenfighting veterans for a number of years, with great cinematography to capture the action thanks to Shawn Finney. In addition, if you're a fan of indie action cinema, you are likely to recognize them from the German independent action film team, Young Masters, in their latest collaborative summer short film release of Tribal Ties with actors Max Huang and Eskindir Tesfay.

Future Boss is definitely a project that unites two of the indie action field's best and brightest filmmakers, who know well more than a thing or two about translating action on film. This why they make movies. So, feel free to take a look at it in the embed below and share it with friends. And be sure to subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for the upcoming October of Eric Jacobus's film festival favorite, Rope-A-Dope, which airs in October.


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