It's Tokusatsu For Grown Folks Only In The New Trailer For GUN CALIBER

Take everything you know and love about Japanese superheroes, tokusatsu television shows and films, and throw it all in a blender with the works of like Noboru Iguchi and Yudai Yamaguchi. Because actor, martial arts performer and independent filmmaker, Bueno makes no apologies in putting his own spin on the genre in the bold new trailer for Gun Caliber.

Upon working on a few productions over the last several years while auditioning for tokusatsu roles and failing to get them, Bueno ultimately started up of his own independent Tokyo-based film production company, Garage Hero in 2011. And with it, the inspiration bloomed to create his own character, an anti-heroic everyday tokusatsu hero in the same vein of Mystery Men (1999) and Hancock (2008). 

As Bueno describes in a June 2012 interview with The Broken Infinite: "Gun Caliber" shows a side of Japanese superheroes that is not aimed towards a young audience, but instead the children of yesterday who have grown up watching Tokusatsu. Amidst all the sex, violence, explicit language, drug abuse, and alcohol, lies a character who hides his true desire to redeem himself and the choices he makes to walk down that path.".

With a budget between 590 and 690,000¥ ($6-$7K in USD), production began in late June last year following a proof of concept video made earlier on and shared with producers for a potential TV show that unfortunately never made it past the first meeting. On top of starring as the lead, Bueno executive produced with Paul Sullivan, and producers Fernando Ramos and VFX supervisor Mike Dent, and also directed the action with Team FistyleZ founder, fight coordinator and co-star Joey Min. The film also stars Sakurako Fujiwara, MegwinKarintou, Kenji Nishikatsu and Michael Kinder.

From the looks of the trailer, and based on what I have seen exclusively, with Gun Caliber, you are bound to grow a few extra chest hairs and have your fragile little mind warped. I love what awaits here, and I have a gut feeling fans will enjoy it too. Otherwise, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Gun Caliber is still shooting and is aiming for a 2014 release, so stay tuned for more information. Or follow the film on Facebook.

In 2014, get ready to shoot evil in the dick. 
Soma Kusanagi may be your average miserable Smartball Parlor employee in Tokyo's Old Town, but when evil rears its ugly ass on the Japanese Metropolis, he transforms into the Gunslinging Superhero, Gun Caliber and fights against the evil organization known as "Skulldier". A group hell-bent on taking over Japan right after they finish their lunch break.


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