Lua Phat: TV Spot

Actor/director Dustin Nguyen's upcoming film, Once Upon A Time In Vietnam (a.k.a Lua Phat) is in full promotional mode, as per the release of a TV spot from July, along with several new character posters, public exhibitions of art and propwork from the film, and a recent Dep Magazine photoshoot with actress Veronica Ngo. And with the film's full theatrical release in Vietnam on August 22, BHD is not done making the next two weeks count.

In addition to an upcoming music video, fans and followers of the movie now have an in-depth glimpse with behind-the-scenes footage the film's production. In the footage, shot and directed by documentarians Danny Do and Lee Mason, you will get to meet several key members of the multilingual crew, and witness Dustin's on-set confessions, laughs, and injuries he endured while filming key scenes, in addition to learning about his close working relationship and friendship with Hollywood actor and co-star Roger Yuan. You will also hear from co-star and action director Bui Van Hai, director of photograhy Wych Kaosayananda (Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever), key costume designer Bao Tranchi, and several other key members on the set of the multi-lingual crew through this newly released 2-part summary of the production process.

Check it all out below, and for more information about the film, click HERE.

Lua Phat: Behind The Scenes - Part 1

Lua Phat: Behind The Scenes - Part 2

(This article was updated on 8/22-23/13 for content.)


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