An Assassin Becomes An Avenging Angel In Martial Arts Short Thriller, MARKSMEN

The latest film festival gem making its way online this weekend is the sixteen-minute martial arts assassin thriller, Marksmen. The shortfilm was directed by stuntman and actor Kazu Patrick Tang best known for his amazing performances in such blockbuster Thai action thrillers like Raging Phoenix (2009) with actress Jeeja Yanin, the balls-to-the-wall action spectacle, Bangkok Knockout (2010), and his latest role in director Raimund Huber's manga-style romantic action thriller, Dragonwolf (2012).

This time around, Tang steps into the director's chair with actor, martial arts stuntman and fight choreographer Brahim Achabbahke leading the way in a story following the events of an assassin who retaliates against his employer when he is mistaken as a cop killer. Achabbahke stars along with Yuhkoh Matsuguchi, Byron Gibson and veteran martial arts action cinema favorite Ron Smoorenburg in what looks like an explosive set of some the best martial arts action sequences constructed for film, featuring some of the best and well-seasoned action performers of the industry.

First-time director Tang also shot some of the action, so it's also to his credit just how excellently put together this shortfilm was. And if my previous dialogue with Achabbahke is any bit reassuring, then rest assured, martial arts movie fans have plenty to look forward to in the months ahead.

Marksmen also stars actress Maria Giulietta and young actress Kayla Matsuguchi, and is a production of Y2K Films. For more info, or to contact the makers of Marksmen, head over to the shortfilm's official Facebook page.


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