Action, Adventure And Larger Than Life Creatures Await In The New French Trailer For LE CRYPTE DU DRAGON (a.k.a. LEGENDARY)

On top of Green Street Hooligans: Underground and Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, international action star Scott Adkins has at least one other treat in store for his fans this year, particularly in France for Le Crypte Du Dragon. The film is also titled Legendary in English territories, formerly known as Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon from director Eric Styles.

The 3D film is headlined by Adkins along with fellow action genre heavy hitter Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables 2, Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning). The film also stars Huang Yi, Nathan Lee, James Lance, Lydia Leonard and Geng Le. The lucky French will get to share this delight with a Croissant or two in the comfort of their own home on DVD, Blu-Ray and DVD on November 19, 2013.

Jump below the synopsis to check out the new French trailer, courtesy of City On Fire.

Travis, our heroic cryptozoologist, wants to prove that a prehistoric beast killing construction workers is more than just a myth. But at the same time his ruthless competitor, Harker, wants to prove he is the best in the business and outdo Travis in any way he can. 
Travis finds himself in a race against time to preserve the rare but deadly creature because Harker thrives on trophy killings and shoots to kill…including humans if they come between him and his prey. 
Travis is funded by a mysterious wealthy benefactor and finds himself escorted by their slightly overwhelmed lawyer. The rest of his team consists of two friends, seasoned field workers Katie and Brandon, and Jianyu, a boy who first gave him video proof of the dragon. Jianyu has his own mission: to prove that the oil company is covering up the truth about the beast killing his father on their site, which is invading the creature’s time honored home. Construction has woken the dragon from his tomb, a danger which they cannot fully understand. 
As the death toll mounts, can Travis’ team outwit the company, battle against Harker and escape the jaws of death whilst saving the species from brutal extinction?


  1. Yay! Finally, COF actually helps you out for once. Respect. =D


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