A Dark Ultimatum Looms For An Aspiring Criminal In The New Teaser For A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL

The new teaser trailer has arrived for the upcoming independent feature-length action crime drama, A Dance With The Devil. The footage comes a month after exclusive action footage premiered online  back in late July, featuring the film's co-star, Reko Rivera, and action performer, stuntman and Team Genesis's own Anthony Giovanni Elias.

Starring lead actor, writer, producer and director Danny Vega, the film is an original property from newly established independent filn group, Project Rize, and one of several current projects steamrolling Florida's brewing independent action film scene as of late.

Also starring are actor Joshua Lamboy and actor Jimmy Dempster who is currently filming the upcoming independent action crime shortfilm, The Trade with director Gerald J. Godbout III, co-star Dennis Jusino (Shield-Less) and Elias, who is directing the action.

A Dance With The Devil is pushing for a 2013 release date, so stay tuned for more info.

"Better the devil you know, than the angel you don't..." 
A Dance With The Devil is about a young man named Daniel, who has always wanted to be a gangster. When a tragic accident happens, Daniel is torn between staying in the crime life that has given him everything and a new life.


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