WARRIORESS Releases In Japan This Friday

Filmmaker Ross Boyask's latest labor of love, Warrioress,  will make its Japanese rental debut this Friday on August 2, 2013. The bold, independently completed feature-length fantasy action adventure is also set to make its debut at the Action On Film Festival this month as it continues to seek attention from distributors.

Post production on Warrioress has been several years in the making, as it has already earned a few screenings among lucky viewers, and I have to say, I am ardently jealous of everyone else who has already seen it. The film looks organic, lively, thrilling and brilliant, with lots of beauty and plentiful with enough screenfighting athleticism to satisfy any martial arts action fan. Needless to say, I know Japan is in for a real treat.

Warrioress is co-written and directed by actress, martial arts impressario and Pencak Silat expert Cecily Fay who also stars and produces, as well as choreographs the action with acclaimed stunt performer and coordinator, Joey Ansah. The film also stars Joelle Simpson, Helen Bailey, Christian Howard, Merillees Fay, Brendan Carr, Will Brenton and Zara Phythian.

Check out the new trailer below:

Two powerful female warriors must journey across a post-apocalyptic land to fight a ritual duel, and fulfill an ancient prophecy.
In the tradition of "Xena, Warrior Princess", and influenced by seminal fantasy films such as "Excalibur" and "Flesh & Blood", Warrioress combines a unique, mystically-infused atmosphere with blistering action scenes. The story features a wide array of vibrantly attractive and powerful female characters pitted against each other in mortal combat.In this world of mysticism and philosophy, ruled by dominant highly trained female warriors, the world is held in the grasp of the dark and malevolent Falonex Empire, and two distinctly different villages hold a deeply-held sworn belief in a powerful prophecy that will bring them salvation.
Once in every generation one chosen fighter from each village must travel on a quest across treacherous terrain to a sacred circle formed of ancient stones, to fight a ritual sword duel, each armed with a sacred sword. If the two warriors are of equal skill and wield the sister swords "the Opener" and "Dragon Singer" they will fullfil the Prophecy and lead the fight against the Falonex Empire. The time has come again for the prophecy to be fulfilled and the two fighters will meet at the pre-destined place. But will they meet as friend or foe?

Warrioress Trailer 2013 from Ross Boyask on Vimeo.


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