Today In Indie Action: EPITAPH: BREAD AND SALT

Independent filmmaker and actor Nathyn Masters has aired his latest self-funded urban action horror thriller, Epitaph: Bread And Salt. Filmed in Chicago, Illinois, the film stars Masters as Victor, an anomalous, anti-heroic modern day warrior with an ability to battle vampires and demons ravaging the city. Soon, he is sought after by a family of hunters at war with the very same monsters, united by secret factions of evil looking to take over the world by adapting their religious dogma on a global scale. When Victor's existence is finally made public, he becomes a target and unwittingly swept into a war he wanted no part of. And with time running out, Victor has only one choice left: to use the one true weapon in his arsenal and become the hero that mankind needs.

Epitaph: Bread And Salt was originally inspired by Nathyn's pursuit to write a novel about an African American demon hunter. Unfortunately the release of Wesley Snipes vampire killing thriller, Blade, eased the gas on finishing the novel right away, but it didn't stop Nathyn him from holding onto the concept through the start of his independent sci-fi fantasy action film group, Timecode Mechanics in 2001. Nor did any further challenges impede him from completing the film as part of the his 2008 comic book series, of which you can find several issues now available at Indyplanet and Amazon.

As with some independent films, Epitaph does fall short in certain areas where production quality becomes an issue. However, the film is driven by an otherwise fascinating concept that adapts to almost everything action fans know and love about action, horror, gore, vampires, monsters, the occult, religious theology and fantasy. In sum, Epitaph: Bread And Salt carries a pretty good story with some of its own uniqueness, and shares just how important that projects like these get funded and not overlooked. Thankfully as we speak, there are plans in development for a possible sequel follow-up on the character, as well as a few spin-offs from here on out, and only if a bigger budget is possible.

So, if you love action and horror, and have an open mind, feel free to check out the trailer at the bottom of the page, and click HERE for the full-length feature of Epitaph: Bread And Salt. To stay tuned for more work from Nathyn Masters, visit and subscribe to Timecode Mechanics on Facebook.

Epitaph: Bread And Salt stars Nathyn Masters who also wrote, edited, choreographed and directed the film. Also starring are Marissa Joy, Leena Kurishingal, Vahan Artin, Anita Nicole Brown, Yohanni Liman, Kaylee Williams and Heather Dorff, with Walt Sloan, Heather Dorff, Jack Guasta, Kelsey Zukowsky, Wendy George and Jenna Ambien Halvorson.

The Defenders of Eden, a family of Estrie hunters, take on The Reign of Chaos, a union of dark cults with one goal, to drive the world into darkness and to rise to godhood.
As the world falls further away from light, Chicago becomes a battleground, where evil spirits gain the power to become flesh and enter our world. But when the Defender's prophetic leader Rabbi Adam Hassan's visions lead him to Victor Locke, a man with the power to fight these supernatural creatures, the tide may turn in their secret war...if he chooses to join their fight.
This film stands as a prequel to the Night Phoenix Press comic series Epitaph and "Victor Locke: Demon Hunter".


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