Thousand Pounds Takes Over Anime Expo 2013 With New CLANDESTINE Footage!

If you were one of the 300 people lucky enough on Sunday to catch Thousand Pounds Action Company's panel titled "Thousand Pounds Anime Hour", then you were in for a real treat! The panel was held at this year's Anime Expo 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, hosted by production duo Chris Cowan and Haile Lee, who announced their attendance on Facebook back in late June. Also on the panel were actress Amy Johnston, and actors Brendon Huor, Jimmy Chhiu, Sam Puefua and several other team members, where they featured some of their most recent online hits now available on their YouTube channel, including live action anime and fighting game-inspired renditions of Naruto Shippuden: Dreamer's Fight, Street Fighter x Tekken, and the Takanashi Yasuharu-inspired action short, Eleven.

As outstanding as their work continues to be, perhaps their most long-awaited project comes in the form of promotional material they also screened for the excited audience for the upcoming martial arts fantasy action webseries, Clandestine. In addition to two early conceptual "Eagle" and "Lion" action pieces featuring Huor and Johnston, fans in the room also got an exclusive look at the official trailer for the series, as well as several exclusive new clips from the first two episodes, one of which featured actor Huor opposite fellow actor Xin Sarith Wuku, who is set to star as his brother in the series. Wuku also appeared at Anime Expo 2013 with his team mates, for an electrifying, spectacular live-action stunt show featuring himself with his team, the EMC Monkeys (Click HERE to see the show.) Also, as per the theme of the upcoming series, the team also debuted a new, gripping and powerful conceptual "Wolf" action short for the series. The new conceptual action short, which does not directly reflect the final product, features three members of the "Wolf" clan. Actress Michele Weaver stars, along with Puefua and actors Shane Warren Jones, Christopher Rivas and Vonzell Carter, with Huor and Chhiu directing the action and stuntwork.

For those of you unaware of what Clandestine is, the series is an original property from the independent filmmaking group, Thousand Pounds Action Company, and the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign that began last summer. This year marks the final leg of promotional efforts by Cowan and Lee before hopefully earning a secure platform in which they can effectively tell the story in a thirteen-episode long first season, and hopefully, in an attempt to push the boundaries of years of online-oriented quality independent martial arts action cinema, on television!

Cowan and Lee are still taking care of business on their end as they draw closer to finally unveiling Clandestine to the rest of the world, as well as official cast and series info. Accordingly, I am also told that as things move forward, fans who didn't get to attend the panel this year may get to see the official trailer in about as early as two weeks. Maybe sooner.

And on that note, watch and enjoy the new "Wolf" concept video below, where you can also subscribe to their Youtube channel. Follow Thousand Pounds Action Company on Facebook and Twitter as well.


  1. awesome...mah darling nephew...on his performance..keep it up boy..i know one day you will hard and never give up ..ok..we love u and are so very proud of you...thanks to the people you work with...

  2. Hey,
    I watched this at least 10 times! I love it! great work! I hope the series get pick up for television.

    Nicole Weaver


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