Slapstick Comedy Sets Up An Epic Kung Fu Adventure In The New Trailer For KUNG FU DIVAS

What do you get when you take two beauty queens and throw them in a bitter contest for the crown? That's the story director Onat Diaz tells in his latest kung fu comedy, Kung Fu Divas. A kung fu comedy production straight from two rival television networks in the Philippines, the film stars popular leading ladies AiAi de las Alas and Marian Rivera as bitter pageant contestants who suddenly find themselves as unwitting allies in a battle between good versus evil.

Lots of CGI and wirework seem to be involved, but the trailer looks promising enough that the film will deliver an outright charming, quirky, delightful and action-packed comedy that martial arts fams and Stephen Chow fans, or Chow himself, smile with enjoyment. And with a teaser having initially aired earlier this year, the new trailer below may even garner your attention. And if I may say so myself, the dual Tagalog/English dialogue is quite welcoming!

Marian Rivera and AiAi de las Alas also produced the film along with Reality Entertainment and The O&Co Picture Factory. Kung Fu Divas also stars Gloria Diaz, Bianca Manalo, Precious Lara Quigaman, Roy Alvarez, Edward Mendez and Roderick Paulate.

Star Cinema will theatrically release the film in the Philippines on September 25, 2013.


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