Nick Cheung Fights On Both Sides Of The Arena In The Final Trailer For UNBEATABLE

The final trailer is online for Dante Lam's award-winning martial arts sports drama, Unbeatable. The film has earned itself a successful run in the festival circuit with its winning performances by Nick CheungEddie PengMei TingCrystal Lee, Philip Keung and Jack Kao, along with Andy On and Wang Baoqiang.

The new trailer combines both the poignancy and emotional content delivered in the first trailer, with the exhilarating intensity and energy seen in the second, letting audiences know that Lam's newest film is sure to get your attention with a captivating story to bring the big screen climactic action with a purpose.

Unbeatable is based on a story and screenplay co-written by director Lam with screenwriters Candy Leung, Jack Ng and Fung Chi-fung. Ling Chi-wah and Henry Chan directed the action sequences.
The film is slated for domestic release on August 15, 2013.

After a stint in prison for participating in underground boxing, 48-year-old Fai is knee-deep in debt with no solution in sight. Once a contender in the boxing world, he is now a broken man who works in a gym as a janitor and an assistant instructor in weight loss classes. With no money, Fai is arranged to share a house with recovering mental illness sufferer Gwen and her 10-year-old daughter Dan. Even though their co-existence starts out as hostile, it slowly turns into a family-like bond - with Fai acting as the pair's protector. Hot-blooded young man Qi was once the son of a rich man in mainland China. However, the family business failed, sending his dad into alcohol-fueled depressing and forcing Qi to take up black market jobs in Macau for survival. To inspire his father to stand up again, Qi enters an open MMA competition and starts training at Fai's gym. However, Qi's fourth opponent in the tournament is Lee Yuan-Heng - a fighter best known for his ferocity in the ring...


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