Godbout Entertainment Announces THE TRADE

Writer/Director Gerald J. Godbout III has an extensive background in music, which includes being a DJ and ultimately the head of his own music label. That all changed within the better part of the past decade when Godbout III decided to further his to pursuit in filmmaking, a jouney that has already earned his film group, Godbout Entertainment, the credits of being an award-winning filmmaking company.

Today, Godbout III and the cast and crew, along with starring actor, independent filmmaker and producer Dennis Jusino are leading the way with a newly unveiled press release for a self-financed short film they are now working on called The Trade, gritty, urban action crime drama set on the streets of Miami about two cousins whose life-long careers as criminals bring them way in over their heads when a dirty cop introduces them to the criminal underworld of prostitution and sex trafficking.

Actress Brittney Santos also stars with Jimmy Dempster who will also be seen as the main villain in filmmaker Danny Vega's year-end feature release, A Dance With The Devil. Actors Anthony Belevtsov, Fran Rafferty, Michael Opal and Rafael Lugo round out the cast, with Genesis Action Stunts designing the action sequences to host its own fair share of hand to hand and weaponized fight scenes, as well as gun battles and a brutal climatic final brawling scene between the two lead characters.

Filming is set to begin in late August/early September for a six week shoot, with the hopeful prospects of a feature-length production to come. Check out the press release below, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
FOR IMMEDATE RELEASE                                          
Contact: Dennis Jusino
Email: dennisjusino@gmail.com
Social Site: facebook.com/DennisJusino        

July 29, 2013 - Orlando, FL – Dennis Jusino in association with Godbout Entertainment is proud to announce the start of their first collaboration project together called THE TRADE

THE TRADE marks the second time that Dennis Jusino steps into a producing role. His first was for his faux trailer called MMA, which is based off a feature script he is currently shopping around. Normally Dennis can be found in front of the camera acting but his passion for filmmaking and writing keeps him expanding his roles and making the best films he can. Gerald J Godbout III from Godbout Entertainment is an Emmy Award winning editor and has written, produced and directed 2 successful indie horror films LEGENDS 1 & 2 and is currently executive producer of Orlando’s hit TV Show INDIE CINEMA SHOWCASE. (ICS) features the best in Indie filmmaking in Florida and is currently running on Vision TV. This is his first time writing and directing something other than horror but Gerald is up to the challenge and is looking forward to making this short film and seeing where it goes from here.


Cousins Anthony and Frank have grown up in the streets learning to trust only each other. In and out of Juvenal detention and as they got older they learned to work the system. Getting into everything from boosting cars and stolen merchandise, the cousins slowly made a name for themselves. Then, with a chance meeting with a crooked undercover cop, the cousins are introduced to the sex trade underworld. Escorts and Strippers become their business and that, catches the attention of the Russian mob. They offer the cousins a deal to buy into the business, and that’s when things start to go bad for the cousins. As their grip to their business starts to give way the cousin are forced into a confrontation that neither are prepared for.

Written & Directed by: Gerald J Godbout III

Produced by: Dennis Jusino

Co-Produced by: Gerald J Godbout III

Director of Photography: Jay De Los Santos

Stunt Coordinator: Anthony Giovanni Elias

Edited by: Gerald J Godbout III

Executive Producer: Dennis Jusino


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