FOX's 'Family Guy' Takes A Live-Action Twist In The New Short Adaptation, EPIC CHICK FIGHT

Filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos is out with a new inspired look into one of the most memorable features of the hit animated TV series, Family Guy, starring stunt actress Tree O'Toole, along with co-star Jessie Graff who headed the project.

The good news is, if you have been sticking with the show long enough to understand the comedic shock value, hilarity and spectacle the show brings, then you are probably already familiar with the epic fight that occur between the lead character, Peter Griffin (O'Toole), and Ernie (Graff), a life-sized, conniving, violent chicken. This week, Angelos's latest crowdfunded project takes you on that very same journey through a live-action installation, delivering the classic, explosive, perilous, brutally comedic, bone breaking, head bashing, public property damaging action emanated from Seth McFarlane's highly successful creation with the help of none other than the Best Of The Best himself, stunt coordinator Simon Rhee designing the marvelous sequence you are about to watch.

The bad news is, if you haven't been watching Family Guy enough to understand the clip, then that just sucks, and now would be a good time to start.

Originally conceived by Michael David Thompson who produced the inspired shortfilm with Graff, Family Guy: Epic Chick Fight is laden with spectacular action and comedy, with amazing stuntwork performed by both actress. Catch the clip below, now available on Graff's official YouTube channel where you May also subscribe. To check out several behind-the-scenes clips and pics, check out the shortfilm's official Facebook page.

To take a look at some of Leo Kei Angelos's previous work, click HERE.


  1. Epic and awesomely talented ladies who know how to kick some cartoon butt.


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