Dustin Nguyen Ponders Life Beyond War In The Final Trailer For ONCE UPON A TIME IN VIETNAM

The final trailer is online for actor Dustin Nguyen's upcoming film, Once Upon A Time In Vietnam. The new trailer comes just a few months after its successful recognition at the Cannes Film Festival back in May. No word yet on a date beyond the theatrical Vietnam release on August 22, 2013, but hopefully this will change. The film is setting up for what appears to be an excellent first for Vietnam film goers as a fantasy based epic adventure, and I look forward to its release.

The film is lead actor Dustin Nguyen's directorial debut and also stars Veronica Ngo, Jason Ninh Cao, Thai Hoa and Dinh Ngoc Diep, along with Roger Yuan who also served as the film's fight choreographer with action director Bui Van Hai. The film also features original costume design by Bao Tranchi.

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The story started from a small village, where innocent people are being harassed by dangerous gangster and his gang. The thorn in their eyes is Hien, a baker in the village. To fight against the harassment of the gang, along with Hien’s beautiful wife, he calls on the villagers to stand up and protest. At the same time, Dao - a mysterious master comes and sees this unequal battle. He decides to stand with villagers. A final war is erupted and the mysterious past of Dao is also gradually revealed...


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