Director Jim Taihuttu Sets The Stage For Crime, Drama And Suspense In The New Trailer For WOLF

Marwan Kenzari, Chems Eddine AmarNasrdin Dchar, Bo MaertenRaymond Thiry and Cahit Ölmez star in a new multilingual crime thriller titled Wolf. Produced by the Netherlands-based production company, Habbekrats, the film is the second feature by award-winning writer/director Jim Tahuttu whose crowining achievement as a rising filmmaker have mostly been in the area of shortfilms since 2007 before his first feature-length co-directorial work with Victor Ponten on the 2011 film, Rabat.

Based on the synopsis, the film seems to carry a narrative similar to other films in that its protagonist is a gifted fighting athlete who may be in over his head. However, I really do admire the gritty, mature, dark, noir setting that our director has set up here. Plus it's got some pretty neat-looking action sequences courtesy of stunt/fight coordinator Simon van Lammeren.

Twitch shared this earlier Friday, and I loved the title enough to check out the trailer. And considering I enjoy a variety of films with lots of focus on dramatic depth and action, Wolf really does seem appealing, and worth the price of a ticket or a DVD if it ever heads your way. Take a look at the trailer below, and share your thoughts on it in the comment section below.

In WOLF the worlds of kickboxing and organised crime collide.

Majid (Marwan Kenzari) is a talented kickboxer from a grey, anonymous suburb in the Netherlands. As his fighting prowess brings him increasing notoriety, both in and outside the ring, the lines of demarcation between the worlds of kickboxing and organised crime begin to blur, and Majid begins to lose sight of what it is he really wants…


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