THE LIVING Returns This July!

If you have been keeping up with Film Combat Syndicate in its earlier months on Facebook, hopefully you would have caught onto my post back in December regarding the development and production of the post apocalyptic indie action/horror webseries, The Living. The webseries is an original property from Pisano Pictures and Atom Phly Media, starring Johnny Brillantes, Katherine Park, Richard Dreyling, and C.J. Thoms, centering its story around four people who unwittingly cross paths, left to fend for themselves in a dystopian world, plagued and on the verge of a zombie apocalypse, while on an epic search for a missing doctor who may have the answers that could possibly lead to a cure, and ultimately, mankind's salvation.

Originally a 12-part project with plans for future seasons, The Living debuted its ninth episode on Youtube late last year and has been on hiatus since then. This week, I received notice from one of its co-stars, Katherine Park, who informed me of the completion and online premiere dates for the last three, which will be held this July on the 12th and 19th, and a public screening on the date of the season finale, which will be held at Books Inc. on July 25, marking the official announcement of the Kickstarter campaign for future seasons. The screening will also entail a Q & A session with the series cast and crew, and the distributors of the found-notes sci-fi horror novel, Dead Inside: Do Not Enter.

If you are not familiar with the series, check out the first episode in the embed below. For more info on the location of Books Inc., visit their official website. And feel free to subscribe to the webseries on Youtube, as well as Facebook and Twitter!

And for an extra dose of action, remember to subscribe to series stunt coordinator and performer Darren Holmquist's offical Facebook page for Dardrex Productions!


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