Syndicate Shoutout: KATELYN BROOKE

I first came across actress, world class singer and dancer, choreographer, and screenfighting athlete Katelyn Brooke in filmmaker Micah Brock's epic indie beat 'em up fantasy webseries, Slug Street Scrappers. She plays Bruiser's spunky, tough-as-nails ballbusting kickass popstar leader of the Slugger Squad, "Peaches Powers". Considering her athleticism and her heavy specialty in boxing and hand to hand coordination, her will to experiment and test her limits, in addition to her acting made her perfect for the role, and as much as I have written about this excellent weberies, I highly recommend anyone and everyone who is an action fan to check it out.

Katelyn is also the inspiration for the name of the screenfighting action team she trains with, Fight Factory Stunt Team, which she co-founded a little over a year ago with fellow actor, indie filmmaker, martial artist and Tempest Freerunning coach Narayana Cabral. Actors Michael Lehr and Oscar Leiva are also the team's core members. "Each member of our team is skilled in a different martial art which allows us to be extremely creative with our fight choreography." she says. "I figured we as a team are like a factory... Each of us have a role that creates the perfect finished product." She also adds "Each member also has a different look. None of us are alike, which allows us to book several different types of gigs."

Speaking of versatility, Katelyn has an awesome new reel out this month featuring some of the work she has done so far, and I have been meaning to share it earlier. Thankfully I now have the chance to do so. Moreover, she also has an upcoming video-game based parkour project which will likely be updated on Facebook as well. So feel free to click HERE and "LIKE" the page to find out more in the days and months ahead.

Also, remember to subscribe to Fight Factory Stunt Team's official YouTube channel to keep up with their content.


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