Syndicate Shoutout: ESKINDIR TESFAY

If you are an action fan and you have been around for the last three decades or so, then you have pretty much seen a change in how martial arts cinema has been observed over the years. Indeed, the past decade or so has been good to the world of independent filmmaking, an exemplary point to make with recognition to actor and martial arts performer, Eskindir Tesfay.

Tesfay was born in the multi-ethnic nation of Eritrea and grew up in Germany, ultimately developing an interest in Asian culture that drove his aspirations to dabble in the world of Hong Kong action cinema. In 1999, he traveled to Taiwan to learn martial arts and Asian culture, ultimately the language and earning a the start of a resume beginning in TV commercials and modeling. And by 2010, he was a seasoned stuntman, performer and martial arts professional, eventually founding his own production team, Movie-Do, after which he began stepping foot into other aspects of the filmmaking process.

Symbolically, Tesfay founded Movie-Do on a two-part philosophy that blends the art of filmmaking and creative storytelling with following the path necessary to reach the very height of that creativity. And with Movie-Do now a full-blown production company, Tesfay has an excellent new reel out which showcases exactly what all this means. The footage includes some of the work he and his team have done in the past several years, and also features some amazing, familiar faces in the group, such as Tim Man and martial arts action cinema queen Cynthia Rothrock.

Tesfay is also applying this very foundation and depth to his latest filmic efforts in an upcoming half-hour inspirational tragic comedy action film called Roughtown, a co-production with Moviestuff-Berlin, written by Movie-Do's creative head, Katja Wagner. The film is described as having been envisioned in three individually expressive cinematic segments, with a story about a fragile wallflower whose action-packed day dreams help her herself and others. Roughtown is currently completed and will air sometime in early 2014.

In the meantime, definitely check out the amazing reel below. Most importantly, visit the official Movie-Do website to learn more about their content, their members, and future plans. And follow Roughtown on Facebook to stay up to date.


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