Jason Mewes Strikes Back With A Couple Of Killers In The New Webseries, VIGILANTE DIARIES

If you're a die hard fan of hyper violent action on film, dark comedy, foul language and mature webseries content that not only pushes the envelope, but shoots it, blows it up and gets it all on tape, then chances are you will be in for a real treat. Today is the day online entertainment portal, Chill.com, premieres its latest new show this summer, Vigilante Diaries, executive produced and directed by Christian Sesma and starring actor Jason Mewes, best known for as one half of the beloved comedy duo, Jay and Silent Bob from such films as Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and the Clerks trilogy-to-be.

The series plot is said to be surrounded around video documentarian Mike Hanover (Mewes) who follows the exploits of two self-styled killers known as "The Vigilante" (Paul Sloan) and his partner, "The Kid" (Kevin L. Walker). Rounding out the cast are actresses Jacqueline Lord who plays Jade, and Jessica Uberuaga as the red-headed beauty, Red. Darren Bailey directs the brutal action sequences along with fellow stunt coordinator, TV/Film performer and stunt legend, Mark Musashi.

The series premieres today, June 11, 2013 only on Chill for purchase. Follow Vigilante Diaries on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the series, and remember to visit the official website for more info on how you can contribute to the hopeful budget for a complete series.


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