Explore A New Vision Of The DC Universe With GRAYSON: EARTH ONE

With the success and popularity of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight film trilogy, several independent filmmakers can be found online with their own visions and spinoffs that deal with either the portrayal of Batman himself, or other characters such as "Richard Grayson", the young boy who becomes his sidekick, Robin, and subsequently, the solo vigilante, Nightwing, later on in the epic story.

Award-winning indie producer and filmmaker Hisonni Johnson is one of those people who are ready to literally introduce a new world for Grayson to evolve in. And to prove this, he has rolled out his latest new take on the world of Batman in the new shortfilm, Grayson: Earth One, the result of crowdfunding efforts by Johnson and his company, P3 Productions to help finance a hopeful first season with six more episodes in the works.

The non-profit shortfilm has all the trimmings to feature a grittier, dark and violent world that will showcase a bold new story illustrating how a young, unrefined-yet-tough Richard Grayson will ultimately live out his destiny as a new breed of superhero. So, in order to help tell the story and bring viewers and fans the rest of what he has to offer, Johnson has rolled out a new crowdfunding campaign to kick things off. Actor and athlete Stephen McCain stars as Richard Grayson, faced with the insidious evil doings of the vicious mad doctor, Victor Friese, played by actor Daz Crawford, best known for his role as Lighthammer in the 2002 thriller, Blade 2. Also starring are Raj Bhavsar, Peter JangAngela Gulner, Reneah Vanderbilt and Katie Young to round out the cast.

Remember to click here to check out the description for extra info on the cast and credit info, as well as the link to the indiegogo campaign video where you can also take a look at behind the scenes footage for the Grayson: Earth One pilot.


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