The New Teaser For PULSE Shows Signs Of Life

Rebecca Honett and Desiree Abeyta in "Pulse". Photo by Michael Amico

Filmmaker Chris Crutchfield and his team over at Triple Click Productions have been busy at work in recent months with the post production process for their new sci-fi action series, PULSE. As you will see, there are some slick CGI shots, chase scenes and action scenes, along with some rhythmic editing between high and low-speed camera work that shows something unique and explosive about the story that will be told here when the series finally premieres.

In addition to Crutchfield's extensive background in film and in motion graphics design, Thousand Pounds Action Company's own Vonzell Carter directed the action you will see in this amazing new series. And trust and believe, as good as things are shaping out to be, they are itching to share what they have spend a good amount of their time working on all these months.

Things are still being talked over for the series to be given a good platform, so further details are being kept under wraps. In the meantime, they are now showcasing an unofficial teaser featuring music by singer Liam Howard. And if this is your first time hearing about it, then by all means, take my word for it when I say stay tuned for more info.

The series was produced by Austin Herring and stars co-creator Desiree Abeyta, along with Frank Rautenbach, Rebecca Honett, John T. Woods and Jeremy Lawson.

PULSE (The Series) Teaser from chatonjolie on Vimeo.


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