Scott Adkins: No UNDISPUTED 4, For Now.

Martial arts action star Scott Adkins took to twitter on Wednesday to inform his fans in the tweet below about the fate of the since long-confirmed Undisputed 4, telling the public, "I must disappoint you all and let you know that Undisputed 4 is not my next film but it is coming I promise!".

The news comes just in the weeks and months approaching two new films on their way to release between now and next year, Isaac Florentine's action sequel, Ninja 2, the Eric Styles film, Legendary, and the James Nunn-directed Green Street Hooligans: Underground. In the past month, Scott tweeted a few photos showing signs of another big project coming, including a photo of himself along with action star Michael Jai White, with whom he starred in the first season in the fantasy period action saga, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, along with fellow martial arts action stars Matt Mullins and Darren Shahlavi. Currently, MHC has been revamped for another season, although there is no confirmation that Adkins or White will appear in it.

Also, there was a lot of twitter banter over the hopeful possibility of the two actors portraying Marvel characters Luke Cage and Iron Fist in a potential live-action film. In recent reports including an article from IGN, talk of the rights of several Marvel characters returning to their original brand, including Blade and Daredevil, have brewed the possibility for a live action film featuring the characters in a Heroes For Hire movie.

White is currently slated to release his next feature film, Favela, directed by Ernie Barbarash, meant as the first installation of its own film franchise. Also in the works are sequels to Blood And Bone and Black Dynamite, as well as the upcoming long-awaited martial arts fantasy reboot, Mortal Kombat, from series and film director and co-writer Kevin Tancharoen.

The two actors also starred in the direct-to-DVD sequel prison martial arts tournament film, Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing, the film that also made Adkins' portrayal of the legendary Russian mixed martial arts kickboxing character, Yuri Boyka, a household name for many of his fans online, along the release of the third installment of Undisputed 3: Redemption. Both actors also starred in seperate installations of the Universal Soldier film franchise opposite legendary action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, with Adkins most recently featuring in director John Hyams's 2012 film festival headliner, Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning. So if anything, what today's updates could also mean is a return of White's character as S.E.T.H. from Universal Soldier: The Return. As always though, this is just speculation, so I will be certain to see if this is definitive in the long run.

With regard to other potential possibilities for what Scott's aforementioned tweet could mean, martial arts actor, stunt perfomer and choreographer, director, and GSH:U co-star Joey Ansah previously stated his elation and excitement for Adkins to hopefully play the role of Guile in a potential future follow up to the upcoming webseries, Street Fighter: Assassins Fist, telling the press "I’ll tell fans now, if we succeed with Assassin’s Fist and move on to the World Warrior I can say now that I want Scott to be my Guile. Look at how Scott looks in Undisputed 2 and imagine that but with blonde hair and an American accent. He would make a killer Guile."

There are a lot of "very soons" being said, which should continue to jin up excitement among martial arts cinema fans who love the Undisputed franchise. Adkins and White do incredible work when they share the same space on a set, so if this means what it means, either way, this could mean a new film for both actors, given the hints we are seeing. Rest assured, we will learn more as the days pass. So, even though we won't see Boyka back in the ring for a while, there is plenty of reason to be just as excited.

Be sure to follow Scott Adkins on Twitter @TheScottAdkins to stay up to date. And stay tuned for more info.

QUESTION: What are some of your ideas about Scott Adkins's next action film? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. S.E.T.H. from Undisputed 2: The Return. you mean universal soldier: the return right?

  2. "And if anything, what today's updates could also mean is a return of White's character as S.E.T.H. from Undisputed 2: The Return." Something got mixed up there xD

  3. Thanks for the clarity peeps lol, I do this in a rush sometimes

  4. Scott, with blonde and American accent?! Will he executes a sonic boom too? Please, Scott, don't do this!

  5. Scott mentioned me on twitter that undisputed 4 is not coming because undisputed 3 was of most downloaded for free

    1. How long ago was this? Link the tweet URL to me.

  6. tony jaa will be a star of this movie?


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