One Man Takes His Long-Awaited Vengeance In THE ENIGMA

I meant to write about this particular short film when I discovered it in my news feed a few weeks ago. I was unable to watch it at the time because my internet slowed down and I had work to do anyway. Thankfully I friended the director behind this awesome shortfilm called "The Enigma" directed by student filmmaker and cinematographer, Trey Drysdale (pictured left), so hopefully I will get to talk with him a little more in the near future about his plans

The short film is mainly about a man who suffers from symptoms of an obsessive compulsive disorder resulting from the traumatic experiences of seeing the bodies of his dead parents at a young age. Haunted by the memory of his father's blood on his hands, he is mentally tormented by an image of a killer whose most memorable feature was knife with a grip in the shape of an eagle. It is not until one day many years later that he finds the killer walking into a building. Assuming he is by himself, he infiltratres the killer only to find himself confronted by him, and surrounded by the thugs who work for him.

I think this is an excellent piece of work from a formidable and creative young mind with big aspirations, and I hope to share even more of his work and share some messages with him in the future.

Enjoy the film!


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