#JusticeIsComing: What's Up With Cung Le's Next Action Movie?

Cung Le is an extraordinary mixed martial arts expert fighter and champion, as well as action director and action star. His career spans more than a decade with actioners like Tekken, the sci-fi adventure Pandora, the RZA's hip hop kung fu period adventure film, The Man With The Iron Fists, Bodyguards And Assassins with action star Donnie Yen, and Wong Kar Wai's grand epic action biopic, The Grandmasters, which is set for U.S. release this August.

Le is also known for one of his more notable roles as the lead in After Dark Action's 2009 release of director John Hyams's urban action drama, Dragon Eyes with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Crystal Mantecon, Peter Weller, and MMA champion Trevor Prangley. The film also saw Le go toe-to-toe with martial artist, actor and national/international kickboxing champion Scott Sheeley (pictured at the top of the page with Le). The two also previous worked on the Erken Ialgashev movie, Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter in 2007.

Fortunately for fans of Le and Sheeley, Dragon Eyes won't be it for the two fighters who are currently shooting something supposedly in New Jersey (although that is still just speculation based on some tweets I spotted).

The film will involve director Giorgio Serafini who previously directed the 2010 Wesley Snipes actioner, Game Of Death, which also starred Zoë Bell, Ho Sung Pak and Gary Daniels. The project also involves James Coyne, is also sharing the helm; An imdb search may indicate this as the same person who wrote the upcoming release of Vikingdom, or an entirely different man with the same name.

The mystery film will also star Gianni Capaldi, who is slated to appear with Sasha Jackson, Natasha Malthe, Jon Foo and Gary Daniels in the Greg Mandry film, Soldier Girls. Actor Vinnie Jones (Snatch, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels) will also have a role in the film, along with actress Briana Evigan and blockbuster action star Dolph Lundgren, both who previously appeared in the 2012 suspense crime thriller Stash House. Lundgren recently wrapped up shooting a film a few months ago with Serafini titled Blood Of Redemption, prior to flying out to Thailand where he was recently reported to star opposite internationally known Thai action star and filmmaker Tony Jaa in A Man Will Rise with Conan Stevens and David Ismalone.

For now, there are only some photos to share, courtesy of Cung Le's Facebook fan page, as he and the cast and crew of this tentatively untitled film are doing their very best to keep further details under wraps. Checking IMDb isn't always enough, as it is so difficult to keep up with these stars as busy as they are. However, as far as we know of the facts of the matter, we are likely getting an action movie packaged with Cung Le, Scott Sheeley, Vinnie Jones, Dolph Lundgren, Gianni Capaldi, and Briana Evigan, and possibly directed by Giorgio Serafini.

And so, it is what it is, until we learn more about what's in store. These actors are keeping very busy this year-heck, I am a bit thrown at figuring out if Lundgren is either finished shooting in Thailand or what. Either that, or Dolph has a twin that none of us know about, LOL. I should mention though, it doesn't look like the film is the one titled "Rush" on IMDb since I do not see Cung Le listed.

My advice? Follow them all on twitter and we will eventually see where this goes since this pot is still brewing. And while you are at it, follow the hashtag, #JusticeIsComing.


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