Apparently as goofy as Wang Tzu-Ming's latest Jet Li action comedy vehicle, BADGES OF FURY seems with two of its latest trailers debuting online this month, the film has garneshed a lot of attention from attendees at Cannes, including distributors. According to reports at the Chicago Tribune, distribution rights for the film, shopped by Easternlight Films have been successfully acquired by Well Go USA for North American release.

Other territories the film was signed on for release include Australia/NZ, Germany, Hong Kong and Macaw, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. BADGES joins ICEMAN COMETH 3D director Cheong Law-Wing's World War 2 martial arts fantasy revenge action thriller, WRATH OF VAJRA starring Xing Yu, under the North American label, as well as Johnnie To crime thrillers DRUG WAR starring Louis Koo, and the Andy Lau thriller, BLIND DETECTIVE which is slated for theatrical China release in July.

BADGES OF FURY was produced by Po Chu Chui and co-stars Wen Zhang in a story about a detective who must go undercover to investigate a series of murders with the help of his seasoned partner. Wen previously shared the screen with Jet Li in THE SORCEROR AND THE WHITE SNAKE. 

Hong Kong action veterans Collin Chou and Jacky Wu Jing also star in the film. Liu Shishi, Michelle Chen and Liu Yan round out the cast, with fight choreography by acclaimed action director Corey Yuen-Kwai. The film will theatrically release in China on June 28, 2013.


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