Frank Castle Returns In The New Shortfilm Trailer For THE PUNISHER: NO MERCY

In less than a year, FOX Television cancelled its previously-reported plans to bring Marvel's The Punisher to the small screen. And there isn't much news yet to deliver on anymore major productions involving the character, particularly since everyone is pretty much moving into superhero territory at this point.

Fortunately, the character is still pretty popular from a live action perspective, especially among cult fans of comic book movies and people who are familar with all three films that have been made since director Mark Goldblatt's theatrical rendition of the Marvel character in 1989, along with Punisher '04 star, actor, Thomas Jane's most recent reprisal in his shortfilm follow-up, Dirty Laundry. If you want proof, then you need not look further than the most recent trailer for the summer's upcoming shortfilm release, The Punisher: No Mercy, the latest labor of love from the fellas over at the Montreal-based independent film company, The Kombat Krew.

Jason Ambrus directed the shortfilm starring co-writer, co-producer, actor and action director, Shawn Baichoo, a fifteen-year veteran of TV, film, stage combat, voice acting, screenfighting and motion capture for video games including all previous and upcoming Assassin's Creed games, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and many more. He also has some upcoming projects after this, including one that will be unveiled by Spring of next year.

Shawn says of his experience playing the Punisher, "It was an opportunity to showcase my skills, do something I love, work with talented people and pay my respects to a great character that's never really gotten his due, in my opinion."

Rounding out the cast are co-producer Amber Goldfarb, and actors James Malloch and Giancarlo Caltabiano. Davila LeBlanc also served as producer and co-writer.

Check out their trailer below where you can also subscribe to their Youtube channel and follow the shortfilm on Facebook to learn more and stay tuned.


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